A Scattered Mind

Hi Folks,

Today is a cold bitter rainy day; the kind of winter’s day that makes you want to curl up by the fire and nap until it goes away. I’d love to do just that, but with the amount of work I have set out for myself this year, maybe I should write a bit first. I won’t even think about all the ice that will appear when it turns cold again.
No, today I want to share with you a common writer’s ailment, a scattered mind. Here’s how it works, voices are talking to you, each trying to get your full attention to their story. You try to sort them out and stay sane, but every once in a while you realize that one of those voices was actually someone in the room with you. “Pru’s off world again,” is a common statement at our house.

Right now K is talking to me from another room, the Labrador is barking to get in out of the rain, I’m trying to focus on this post, and all I can think of is an abandoned mansion with footprints in the dust on the floors.
If you are in any doubt about a writer’s mind being scattered, just re-read the above. No, I don’t have children, but I do have three cats, four dogs, and three other adults and all of us in our tiny cottage. What distractions? Tee hee hee
Now for a ROW80 check-in.

Here’s the plan for 2014, and I will be the first to admit it is a bit ambitious. The first thing is to begin a number of revisions and upgrades to some of my earlier work. This has already begun with the release of Lady Blue which was originally released as Gifted.
The second part of the plan is to complete a five book series of romance novels.

The third part of the plan is to write and release two stand-alone books, one a romance and one action adventure.
Well there it is. I will admit I have other project running through my head, but this is all I am willing to commit to at the moment. I declare 2014 the year of the writer.

All right, for the first round of ROW80 I want another revision, one romance, and the first novel in the new series. Wish me luck.
So, what have you folks been up to? What are your thoughts on the mind of a writer? Talk to me, I love to hear from you.
Until next week,


5 thoughts on “A Scattered Mind

  1. Prudence, I can honestly say that my mind is just as scattered as yours. There's the dog, whose eyes plead for a walk; the cats demanding food (even though there's still food in their bowls, LOL); dishes in the sink; and a host of things on an unending to-do list. That doesn't even count how many stories and characters are swirling in my brain!

    I have to say that ROW80 definitely helps me focus by forcing me to articulate measurable goals and encouraging me to stick to them. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate for 2014, so here's hoping the ROW80 challenge helps both of us tame our wild, wandering minds. 🙂

  2. Hi Denise, it can be crazy at times, can't it? Yes, I too rely on ROW80 to keep me focused on the goals. Having to report progress is the whip that keeps me moving forward.
    Have a great and successful year. 🙂

  3. Aha! So that's what is wrong with me. lol. Scattered mind alright. The weather here is 82 degrees Pru. I don't know but it doesn't feel like winter. Stay warm, dry and scattered! 🙂

  4. Hey Karen, yep, it's a sad thing when the voices in your head won't give you five minutes peace. hehehe
    82 sounds pretty warm to me, but that's all relative I guess. Our summers rarely get that hot.
    I should mention that your daily Words of Wisdom on FB always give me a boost. Keep the good stuff rolling. 🙂

  5. Yay for the year of the writer!
    I'm completely scattered as well, and every time I tell myself to focus on one thing, my mind goes somewhere else. Doesn't help that there's always more to be done (more non-writing stuff, that is).
    But as long as you keep your goals in sight, you'll be in good shape to accomplish them all this year, and I look forward to your updates as you progress.

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