A relaxing day of hard work.

Well, today was no walk on the beach. It started out easy enough, raining, so, no big dog walk and no gardening.  Very cool.  A whole day to work on the writerly stuff that I have been putting off.

At first I was going to blog about our trip to the city the other day.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and there were whales feeding near the shipping lane, so we had quite a show on the way over, and again on the return eight hours later.  However, I decided not to blog about that, or the great view we had when we ascendeed to the top of the island, or the great….

Actually, I decided to blog about all the writerly stuff I managed to get done today.  First, however, I had to do it.  argh.  Ok, so, with coffee in hand I set to work on my website freydisdottir.com and gave it a serious face lift.  I am quite pleased with the results. Check it out at:

Next I wrote a chapter in an action adventure that I’ve been working on forever; feeling good about that one.  Last, but not least, I have published another of the lesbian romances.  This one contains a favorite theme of mine.  It is called Deliberate Love.  You can see it here: 

Now I’m going on a serious chocolate hunt.  It is time to reward the writer.  Oh Yeah!

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