A Gentle Morning.

Since my brush with fate last week, I’ve been taking things a bit less structured. This morning, instead of burning up the keyboard, I spent some time outside in the fresh air, just appreciating the good life I am blessed with.
First I checked the giant Rhubarb.

Then I walked the dogs.

And then I puttered around a bit. Here’s the view from the hill as the ferry boats pass close to the beach.

All in all, not such a bad way to spend the morning.

Now for that overdue ROW80 update.
I have managed to get my WIP over 30K words and I am very pleased with that. As soon as I hit 60K I’ll start giving you peeks into the story. Right now, here’s a peek into my latest book, Hunter…
They left the sheriff’s cruiser and walked down the path toward the old mine shaft. They didn’t see August watching them from the tall grass. The path was quite well worn with lots of recent footprints. The tracks led right into the mouth of the tunnel. As they drew near, Tracy stopped, then, with a look of sheer terror, screamed a warning and ran.

Tracy made it to the car, then turned, gun in hand. There was only Cal and the sheriff behind her. She looked all around, but saw nothing. She lowered her gun, and then straightened the glasses that had slipped down her nose. Her hand was visibly trembling.

“What was it, Tracy,” puffed Cal, as he arrived at the car. “What did you see?”

“Something I haven’t seen since the day my father was killed over twenty years ago. What did you see?”

“I didn’t see a damned thing,” puffed the sheriff, as she arrived.  “Damn, for a city girl, you sure can run.”
* * * * *

Stay tuned folks. Starting this month and continuing until after Christmas, I will be putting up one of my books for free. The Coupon will be time limited and will only appear on this blog. The first one will appear in my next post.

As always, I love getting feedback, so let me know what you think of the post and/or the teaser for Hunter.

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6 thoughts on “A Gentle Morning.

  1. I'm glad you gave yourself time to appreciate the gentle morning, Prudence, and suspect you'll be writing soon about a character whose outlook changed after a car accident. Take care of yourself.

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