A Game of Tag

There’s a game of tag going around the blogging community.  The way it works is this, first you get tagged by another blogger, that makes you “it”.  You list ten random facts about yourself, then tag four others.  It then becomes their turn.
Ok, I was tagged by the awesome Shea MacLeod, (no relation, but I sure wouldn’t mind if there was.)  Yes, I’m stalling.  Ok, here goes, ten random facts about yours truly.

1. I’m over 5’11” tall.  That may not seem like so much to some folks, but I have lived in places where it made me look like a giant.

2. I am actually quite shy, preferring small groups to large ones, although I have done quite a bit of public speaking.

3.  I love dogs, and have four rescues.

4.  I’d be a real shopaholic, given half a chance and a bigger budget. (Not to mention a bigger closet.)

5.  I love sea food, so I get Shea’s share. (She’s allergic.)

6.  I play guitar, well, I do once in a while, but mainly it rests on the bed to keep the dogs off.

7.  I love eating in nice restaurants.  I’d go broke and get obese if I gave in to this fetish.

8.  I bake my own bread.  I just love the smell of fresh bread as it comes out of the oven.

9.  I’m a bit of a priss, preferring to spend my days in pretty dresses getting my hair done, but most days I’m in jeans and boots, walking dogs etc.  sigh

10. Above all I love people and listening to their stories.

There’s more, so much more, but it will have to wait for another round I guess.  Ok, time to tag somebody.  These are the ladies, check out their blogs.

@JodyCalkins ( http://emeryroad.com/ )

@jclementwall  ( http://zebrasounds.net/ )

Tag ladies, you’re it!

3 thoughts on “A Game of Tag

  1. Oh what fun! You gave us such interesting facts about yourself, Prudence. Now I'll have to try and be half as interesting. Never would've guessed you're tall, or a priss. LOL!
    Hmmm, now who to tag…

  2. Love your list. And I'm surprised. Isn't it funny that you don't know you have a distinct impression of someone until something contradicts it? That you are surprising to me only makes you more wonderful.

    I never do these lists because I feel like all I do is go on and on about myself over at ZS. I don't think anyone could stand knowing more about me. But I will guide people to your list. Hugs!

  3. Pretty good, Pru … I'd have to resort to things like, I have two hands, with five fingers on each, to make up a list of ten things about myself!
    Hey, looks like you've spiffed up your site … I like it.

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