Hi folks, 

Well, it has been a busy and stressful week here on the island of stone. To begin with we finally got the weather we waited for all summer, so there was a flurry of work on the outside of the house, preparing for winter. We scraped, painted, and installed a new back door as well as two storm doors. That should cut down the heating bills a bit.


And the view from that step at 6 a.m. this morning.
Okay, so that’s been the big focus this week.

On another note, we have shut down our newsletter for a while. We will now be running most of that information through our new facebook group, Pru’s Street Team. The group is aimed at open discussion of my writing, subject matter, etc. as well as spreading the word far and wide about said books through Facebook, Twitter, etc. For an invitation to join the street team, Contact Charis Maloy on Facebook.
Also, we have two books almost ready to publish, one is a revision of Dark Star and the other is a new story. We’re just waiting for the covers now.

Okay, on to the ROW80 Check-in.

It has been a week of hard physical work and little writing as well as re-evaluating some goals. The end result is we have scrapped the newsletter for now in favor of a new Facebook group. (see above) One project has been put on the back burner for now, and publication dates for others up in the air once again.
All right, I’ll quit stalling. I only managed to write four thousand words this past week. Truth is, I doubt I will surpass that this week, but I truly will try.

The goal for this coming week is another six thousand words on a new project and work done on revisions and fixes don’t count. (Far too many of those happening last week with a few more to come)

That’s it for me this time, folks. I’m truly hoping you managed to be a bit more productive than I did. Drop me a line to let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Hey, you live in an area where you need to ready yourselves for winter. And it's coming. Love the front elevation of your house. The door looks great! Y'all are pretty handy. Sounds like you've been doing a bit of regrouping too. So beat yourself up Pru. You made progress! 🙂

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