50 Shades of White

Hi Folks,

Fifty shades of white? Yep, we got snowed in this week, did you guess? When I lived in the arctic I was told the Inuit have at least that many different words for snow. I believe it. So, I got us dug out then went next door to help the neighbors. I have a snowblower, they don’t.

Anyway, as I sit here, stiff shoulders aching and old knee throbbing, I count my blessings. The shoulders tell me I am alive and have worked hard, the knee says there’s another storm coming. Of course there is, it is February. Blessings? Yes indeed. I am 65 and healthy, able to do this work and enjoy it. So very many are not.

Now, let me remind you of my new book, Hell Comes Home. If you like thrillers with a dash of romance, give this one a try. Here’s the first review of the book.
This review is from: Hell Comes Home (Kindle Edition)

I started this book the second I bought it and couldn’t put it down. The determined and headstrong main character along with the unique theme had me riveted until the last page.”
So, now on to a ROW80 check in:

I did manage four thousand words this week along with all the other fun winter stuff. I am pleased with that. I will shoot for another five this coming week and see how close I can get.

Okay, it’s a perfect day for walking dogs out there and I’m being paged. Here’s hoping you all are healthy and successful in this coming week.


6 thoughts on “50 Shades of White

  1. Good luck with the new release. Nice to get such an enthusiastic review! Hope you get lots of writing done this week (and maybe a little less work with the snowblower!).

  2. Sorry about the snow, but I'm right with you on celebrating that new release, that work to clear away the snow (and walk with the dog), and your irrepressible enthusiasm for the next story. I hope all those thousands of words find you very much happy and well in the coming week.

  3. Hi Beth, not to worry, snow is what happens in February. It's when it is still coming down in April that I get grumpy. really getting my head into the next story now. The word count should start to rise.

  4. The arctic Prudence? Really? Well then. This weather is a walk in the park for you. lol. Not. Can there be any balance today? We in California are still in the worst drought ever with no rain in sight, and y'all are under several feet of snow. Now watch what happens when all that snow melts. I hope not all at once. But lately…

    Oh, and congratulations on your new release! Yay! šŸ™‚

  5. Hi Karen, yep, we lived in the Arctic for a couple of years. I worked in a small furniture and appliance store in the city of Iqaluit. That's right, I've actually sold refrigerators to Eskimos.
    Actually, although most of the northeast is getting buried repeatedly by snow, we here on the fringe of North America aren't doing too bad by comparison. (crossed fingers)
    Maybe the folks in Halifax could ship you guys down a couple of snowstorms.

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