Her story began on a far off forgotten world.  A member of a lost colony, she too became infected when a plague decimated the colony, killing thousands.  She is one of only nineteen on the infected who lived.  They survived, but changed, no longer human, they are SUVI. (survivor of unknown viral infection)  She is SUVI 5, the  fifth survivor.  Her story begins here:


Forgotten Worlds:  Humans were seeded out into the stars, and then forgotten, their home world destroyed, and only the One Ship remains with hopes to find some of them, searching for the forgotten worlds.

Hi folks.  Yes, it’s me again, blowing my own horn, but I’m really pleased with this one, my favorite of any I’ve written so far.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  🙂

Here’s what one reviewer has to say:  SUVI – Forgotten Worlds Book 1, is Sci-Fi so I will be biased because I just love my science fiction novels. Yet, this particular book is even more. The main character, SUVI5, is half human after her DNA is altered caused by viral infection, and she appears to be unaware of how humans have to behave in a social settings and relationships. Perhaps that is what I liked most: SUVI5’s innocence, and her relationship with Amanda that is so sweet and unforced. Further, the world that the writer created is fantastic with a dose of realism that makes you crave for more. The ending is satisfying with HEA. Hoping that the writer is working hard to provide another installment of this great story soon.





Your thoughts?

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