Things I Love Old Dogs and Small Children

The line in the song goes, “Old dogs and children, and watermelon wine.” Now, I’ve never tasted watermelon wine, but I can vouch for the old dogs and children.
There’s nothing as sweet or comforting as an old dog, sleeping with its head in your lap, tail occasionally thumping. Old dogs will share space with you, filling it with gentle loving energy. Dogs channel a special energy anyway, but older dogs bring that contentment energy. An old dogs, sleeping in the sun, exudes that level of contentment we would all love to achieve.
Picture this, it’s a blustery night, the wind howling the house, I’m in my chair, knitting in my hands, and the Labrador lying on the mat by my feet. I lightly rub him with my toe and he rolls onto his back for a belly rub, his tail wagging as he does. There is a special bond between us that cannot be explained, only enjoyed.
Have you ever spent any time with an older dog? It is a true blessing.
Small children, on the other hand, are at the opposite end of the scale. Their energy is pure exuberance. Is there any sound more delightful to the ear than a child’s squeal of laughter? I think not. Just listen to the sound of a child being tickled by its mother or tossed into the air by its father.
That is the sound of pure joy. It is pure, primal, delight, unsullied by debt, relationships, job stress or peer pressure. It is the song of a young spirit, newly arrived on this plane, one ready and willing to explore all the wonders life has to offer. That sound is soul nourishing, and I draw deeply upon it each time I hear it. Don’t you?
Well, that’s enough of my ramblings for now. Until next time, smile, life is too short to frown.
Remember folks, you can ask me anything about anything. If I don’t know the answers, or have an opinion (unlikely), I’ll make something up.

11 thoughts on “Things I Love Old Dogs and Small Children”

  1. cynthiarobertsoncynthiarobertson

    Your spirit comes right through your posts, Prudence. They always lighten my heart. Wish you were my next door neighbor.

  2. Supreme ChancellorSupreme Chancellor

    I'll agree with you about the dogs, but wow do kids set my teeth on edge, lol. It's just teenagers that really annoy me. Before their hormones erupt they can actually be quite cute.

  3. Supreme ChancellorSupreme Chancellor

    You said ask you whatever we want, right? Do you have Kindle, and if so what kind and do you like it? I'm just curious which kind would be the best to get for the holidays.



    Prudence, I know well the sound of children. Together they are a laughter at it's jingling best. My backyard neighbor is a young boy of maybe nine or ten. He owns a dog named Jessie. I love listening to this boy whenever Jessie jumps the fence. "Jessie! Jessie, come eeewr! Jessie, Mom's gonna be mad!"

    Thank goodness that Mom only pretends to be "mad." Mom's sideways smile says, "I love my boy, and my boy loves telling Jessie to 'come eeewr'."

  5. Diane CapriDiane Capri

    Old dogs are great, Pru. Young dogs, too. Middle aged dogs. All dogs. I love dogs. Kids, now, there's a scary bunch! Enjoyed your post. Thanks!

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