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Hi folks, Well, as promised, here’s another peek between the covers of The Road Home, second book of The Elvish Chronicles. The book is nearly ready, so along with the peek inside, here’s a look at the cover too.   The queen leaned on the pommel of her saddle and smiled. “Rise, Tanis. So tell… Read the rest »

Hey folks, As you know, we’ve been updating some of my older works, most recently, the St. John’s series of romances. I’m happy to report that we took Wildflower and tweaked it a bit so it’s no longer a stand alone novel, it’s now book #7 in the St. John’s series. It should be out… Read the rest »

Hi folks, The subject of today’s post is vampires. A few years ago vampires were all the rage, but the stories just weren’t quite grabbing me. A friend kept challenging me to write a vampire story with a new twist. Sure. Nothing to it, right? One day I was watching a TV show with a… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Well, we’ve got another rainy day here, great for the garden. Not so bad for the writing either.  So, while everything outside is busy growing, here’s another peek into the current WIP. A sequel to the Immortal Tigress. The revival of a vampire slain by fire. Ella carefully arranged the charred corpse on… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Well, I’ve got a few things to report this week, but the most exciting is the new cover for my next book, Empire’s Advance. This is the second book in the Corelian Guard series and follows the exploits of Hunter’s characters as things take a turn for the worse. We hope to get… Read the rest »