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Hi Folks,Well, it’s Sunday, time for a farm report. Writing discussion is on Wednesday, but you knew that already. Okay, on with it. This year has seen a disastrous cold July that has held the gardens back if not ruined them completely. Fortunately, mine is showing signs of recovery. I won’t manage anything near the harvest I… Read the rest »

Hi Folks,I promised an update of the farm efforts and here I am. Things have slowed down from an expansion standpoint. On the other hand, everything is growing nicely. That darn rhubarb seed stalk is now over seven feet tall. I have gathered poles from the bush behind the house to use as pea poles.… Read the rest »

Hi Folks,It’s time for another progress report from the farm. Last week saw us with nasty weather, plus a birthday and a wedding, so the farm sort of had to look after itself for a while. That’s one joy of no livestock. You can take a day off if necessary.So, what did they do without… Read the rest »