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Hi folks, Today I’ll tell you a bit about the Elvish Chronicles.  For thousands of years the High Born Elves have languished in the chains of slavery, their great strength gone, their extra keen senses dulled, and their immortality broken. Somehow, in spite of their harsh master’s efforts, the royal line managed to survive. Now, with… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Today I’ve got my mind on the revise and revive process of my earlier works. We’ve been updating a number of the romances and just recently re-released Book #5 in the St. John’s Series. It was originally titled Gudrun, but we changed that to Nordic Desire. It seemed like the right idea, seemed to… Read the rest »

Hi Folks, Well, here we are again with more on my writing process. Today I will tell you about writing the latest book in the Nova Series, Red Nova. Red Nova is my favorite in the series and it was the easiest to write. Here’s what happened. I had just finished the fixes and up… Read the rest »

Hi folks,Well, as I posted earlier this week, I have signed a contract with Shadoe Publishing. ( ) Well you may ask why, as I have been preaching the gospel of self publishing for years. Here’s the story.Self publishing is a lot of work, albeit incredibly rewarding. Life, however, sometimes demands your attention be elsewhere. Thus… Read the rest »