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Hi folks, Last time I told you a bit about my adventure into Vampire stories. I was surprised (and delighted) at its reception and requests for more. With that in mind I decided to have a go at expanding that world by introducing werewolves. Thus began the Children of the Wild series. Book two is… Read the rest »

Hi folks, The subject of today’s post is vampires. A few years ago vampires were all the rage, but the stories just weren’t quite grabbing me. A friend kept challenging me to write a vampire story with a new twist. Sure. Nothing to it, right? One day I was watching a TV show with a… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’ve been busy. See? So, back the point. I was telling you what inspired the books of the Nova Series. Today we reach Beyond Nova. The inspiration for this book came from an unexpected source. I am fascinated with ancient peoples, especially the… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Well, the fifth book in the Nova Series is now live. Red Nova is the story of a young woman thrust into a leadership role she didn’t want, and the sacrifice she has to make to survive it. Worse yet, once she starts down that path there’s no turning back. The future of… Read the rest »