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Hi folks, Today I’ve got my mind on the revise and revive process of my earlier works. We’ve been updating a number of the romances and just recently re-released Book #5 in the St. John’s Series. It was originally titled Gudrun, but we changed that to Nordic Desire. It seemed like the right idea, seemed to… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’ve been busy. See? So, back the point. I was telling you what inspired the books of the Nova Series. Today we reach Beyond Nova. The inspiration for this book came from an unexpected source. I am fascinated with ancient peoples, especially the… Read the rest »

Hi Folks,things have been looking up lately, so I thought I’d do something fun for all of you. I’ve started a new blog for the sole purpose of writing a novel with y’all looking over my shoulder, critiquing, giving advice, and just having fun making suggestions. You can check it out here: Another great thing… Read the rest »