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Hi folks, Well, as promised, here’s another peek between the covers of The Road Home, second book of The Elvish Chronicles. The book is nearly ready, so along with the peek inside, here’s a look at the cover too.   The queen leaned on the pommel of her saddle and smiled. “Rise, Tanis. So tell… Read the rest »

Forgotten Worlds These are all tales from the forgotten worlds. The Forgotten Worlds? It began this way: In the year of 2121, old Earth reckoning, the first of the great ships lifted off. Each ship carried ten thousand settlers, all highly skilled, extremely intelligent, people who were anxious to extend mankind’s reach into the galaxy.… Read the rest »

Hi Folks, Well, here we are again with more on my writing process. Today I will tell you about writing the latest book in the Nova Series, Red Nova. Red Nova is my favorite in the series and it was the easiest to write. Here’s what happened. I had just finished the fixes and up… Read the rest »