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Hi Folks,

2015 is shaping up to be a year of changes, some good, some not so much, but still lots of excitement on the go. 
The first big change was going to a publisher instead of self publishing. The plan is to upgrade all my previous work plus add lots of new stuff. Here is the first project:

Frankie is now available in paperback and e-book formats here:

Second big change was a bust. Final score, Scrivener one, Pru zero. I was spending more time buggering around with it than if I just made notes in a book as I have always done.
So, why did I do it? This is the not so good change I face. A couple of years ago I had a bad fall and injured my hip and shoulder. I will now finally admit the results of that, plus my age, have created a fine tremor in my hands. 
Most days I don’t even notice it, but my handwriting is shaky now and I have trouble holding a camera steady enough for a good picture.
On the upside, I am getting faster on the keyboard so I may switch to keeping my notes in Word files.

ROW80 check-in

As you can see, we finally got Frankie under control, however it did eat up quite a bit of my writing time. However, I did manage to get about 4K written, so I’m happy with that.
This coming week we are working on a new project for the publisher, but my goal is to get another five thousand words done on my current WIP manuscript. Wish me luck.

So, drop by and let me know what’s new in your world.


4 thoughts on “New Direction”

  1. Cindy ScottCindy Scott

    Congrats on Frankie!!!

    I had gotten Scrivener for my birthday and only really managed to tool around with it myself. I understand. I still want to use it but I am making progress with my normal tools and will go back when my schedule frees up in April. Maybe? Okay, probably summer, for sure… 🙂


    With Scrivener, I started with just the very basic stuff. I mostly just use the notecards, research, and the actual writing part. I figured I would start small and maybe go from there.

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