Getting There

Hey folks, it’s time for that Friday NaNoWriMo report. Things have been going really good so I took the day off to go to the city for some shopping. Silly me, I wasn’t aware that the madness that grips Americans on what they call Black Friday had infected my fellow Canadians. Dear gods, I haven’t seen traffic like that since I was last in downtown Vancouver on a Friday afternoon before Christmas. It’s enough to give a gopher the heartburn.

What? Huh? Oh yeah, the NaNo progress report. Well, after many days of this:

I have now crossed the 48000 word mark for November. I should finish Assassin 
with time to spare. Read this much of it for free here.
Folks, thanks for keeping tabs on me and for cheering me on, it truly is appreciated. For all of you who are doing the NaNo too, I hope you’re way ahead of me and smoking.

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  1. Jennette Marie PowellJennette Marie Powell

    I have not even left the house today! As for NaNo, I got 2500 words in today. Not ahead of you, but on track. Keep up the good work, we're both winners!

    November 23, 2012

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