Hi folks,

It has been a bit slow down on the farm due to cold weather. (expecting snow) However, the greenhouse is a busy place right now and we have out kitchen table back. hee hee

Here’s the layout for the first of the garden beds we will put into production this season. Things are slowly starting to shape up.

Now on to my writing. A ROW80 check in.

So far this week I have written about eight hundred words, re-read and edited a dozen pages, and signed the final papers for the re-release of Empire’s Advance. Just waiting on the cover now. Won’t be too long. When it hits I’ll do a special post on it for you.


2 thoughts on “Foundation”

  1. Karen McFarlandKaren McFarland

    You are going to have some awesome veggies this season. I love that more and more people have decided to grow their own food. You know exactly the source of what you're eating. And talk about fresh. You are going to love it! No now can say that you aren't busy Pru. Keep it up! 🙂

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