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Last Chance

Hi folks,

Yes, I’m still excited about all the new writers and their great stories I’ve discovered through this promotion.  Truly, the human imagination knows no bounds.  These ladies have some great stories to tell.

This week my head has been into fantasy.  Wild magic by May Dawney and Dragon Essence by Niamh Murphy have been added to my TBR list.  In the sci-fi section Recombinant Love by K’Anne Meinel is well worth a look.  And, best of all, there’s still more to see, more to read.  I’ll never get any work done at this rate.

Where to find all this treasure?  Right here:

Take me to the treasure now.

So, get a wiggle on, folks, these free samples won’t last forever, just a day or two left on this time limited offer.  Go on, get yours now, you know you want to.

So, I have more reading to do.



Loving the Previews

Hi folks,

Last time I told you about this awesome promotion by several authors who you might not know.  Believe me, read these previews and you’ll know who these authors are.  Yeah, I downloaded all the previews and am working my way through them now.  Get your own here:

Take me there now!

So, what do I think so far?  Okay,  I’m reading Reality Dawn and loving it, plus, I can’t wait to get my hands on Survival Instincts.  Oh lord, can this gal write.  I hope to be this good when I grow up.

I’m not kidding, folks, there’s some awesome work here for the asking.  Go check it out, you’ll be glad you did.