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Hey folks, As you know, we’ve been updating some of my older works, most recently, the St. John’s series of romances. I’m happy to report that we took Wildflower and tweaked it a bit so it’s no longer a stand alone novel, it’s now book #7 in the St. John’s series. It should be out… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Today I’ve got my mind on the revise and revive process of my earlier works. We’ve been updating a number of the romances and just recently re-released Book #5 in the St. John’s Series. It was originally titled Gudrun, but we changed that to Nordic Desire. It seemed like the right idea, seemed to… Read the rest »

Hey folks, just wanted to tell you about the news. We’ve been working on improving the covers for the St. John’s Series and our cover artist did a bang up job of upping the visibility factor. You can find more of her work here:   Now for our new covers.  First is Calan, book one of… Read the rest »

Hi folks, Well, the fifth book in the Nova Series is now live. Red Nova is the story of a young woman thrust into a leadership role she didn’t want, and the sacrifice she has to make to survive it. Worse yet, once she starts down that path there’s no turning back. The future of… Read the rest »

Hi Folks, Finally, Hope is live and ready to carry you away from your stressful day. This is the second edition of this novel. The first was self published as A Time for Hope. The updated version is published by Shadoe Publishing. You can find them here:   Now for the lady herself. Here’s Hope!… Read the rest »