Their love created the world as it was, but they were severed, burst apart by an evil god, cast into human form without memory of their true nature. Ever they reincarnate again and again, he always seeking, she always waiting to be found, lifetime after lifetime; then they found her, the child whose fierce and loving nature would help them reunite and re-awaken the world.
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Silver the Hunter knew not how he had lived so long, nor why he could not find the woman whose face he saw in the dying embers of a fire. Ketdryn waited and watched with the patience of those whose lifetime is endless, for such is the life of an Elf. She sought him in the seeing fires, comforting, warning of danger, guiding as best she could, but to no avail. An evil hand was at work, and their enemy ever strove to keep them apart.

As always, an overlooked detail can often bring about great change. This time it was a child; a child whose wild and savage heart would be the catalyst that broke the evil one’s grip on the land and her people. Kiya’s ferosity would hold his attention off the two parted lover until it was too late. Even as Kiya drove his desciples from the realm, so would the lover reawaken the land and her peoples. Elves and Dwarves would once again walk the earth.

The reawakening would bring on a battle in which even the gods must take part. Yet it all hinges on the skills of an old outlaw, Silver the Hunter. As he would say, “I’m just too damned old for this.” So the quest begins…

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