This is the page where you learn a bit more about the mad writer. So, what’s my super power? I’m a storyteller, an entertainer. As you begin to read my words the stress of the day, nay, the stress of everyday, begins to magically fade away. Transported into another world, your worries and troubles are forgotten for a time as you share adventures with me and my friends. My art, my power is as old as humankind, for the magic of the storyteller has ever been with us and it will always be.

This is the official picture :                             Author Prudence MacLeod


This is the official line:
I am a spiritual seeker, dog trainer, Reiki Master, Interior designer, and personal trainer who has turned her hand to writing. I am also an avid chess player, not a great one, but an avid one. I build, I bake, I knit, and I tell stories.

I have roamed far and wide for over sixty years in this realm, and I have seen much; some I wish I had not, and a great deal that I would love to see again. Some days I feel like Bilbo Baggins, for I have been there and come back again. No, I haven’t written a book about my wanderings, but much that I have experienced, observed, learned, surmised, or imagined, is woven into the tales I have written. I do hope you enjoy them.

This is how I want you to think I spend my days:

Author Prudence MacLeod, Writing

This is what you probably will find if you track me down:

Author Prudence MacLeod

Lastly, what does the well dressed author wear on her feet during a cold winter’s day at the cottage?

Author Prudence MacLeod Slippers

Yep, hand knit wool slippers in sandals. We’ll get back to heels as soon as spring arrives. Yes, I did knit them myself.

What? You want to know more? Seriously? Ok, well, here are ten random things about me.

  1. I’m over 5’11” tall. That may not seem like so much to some folks, but I have lived in places where it made me look like a giant.
  2. I am actually quite shy, preferring small groups to large ones, although I have done quite a bit of public speaking.
  3. I love dogs, and have four rescues.
  4. I’d be a real shopaholic, given half a chance and a bigger budget. (Not to mention a bigger closet.)
  5. I love sea food, so I get Shea’s share. (She’s allergic.)
  6. I play guitar, well, I do once in a while, but mainly it rests on the bed to keep the dogs off.
  7. I love eating in nice restaurants. I’d go broke and get obese if I gave in to this fetish.
  8. I bake my own bread. I just love the smell of fresh bread as it comes out of the oven.
  9. I’m a bit of a priss, preferring to spend my days in pretty dresses getting my hair done, but most days I’m in jeans and boots, walking dogs etc. sigh
  10. Above all I love people and listening to their stories, as well as sharing my stories with all of you.

Bless, Prudence